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Subject: Fast Food Fuck(all black gay, some domination)Fast-Food Joint
Written by bruthaalhotmail.comIt was Spring Break, and I need a part-time or full-time job to subsidize
for next year of one class schooling. Why was I dope, I should have
extended my year, and not rush for Greg to graduate, and take extra summer
classes. but my addiction to dick got me here. Hell, Greg was football DE
and even though the size of him, he was well proportioned, where I needed
him to be most. Although, wherever I did not see him, his teammates made
sure I was well without him.Well, it is now two months and counting without Greg, and surprising my
last football fuck fest was two-weeks after he left. Why? they stopped
fucking me, I have no idea. So here, I am, an 20-year old, light-skinned
Afro-American with a medium build and some taut man tits and a bubble butt,
that would look great in lolita juicy nude pictures some stretch pants, with a nice thongs, doing
nothing but dreaming about some good fucking in the past, and wishing I had
some money.I found a lolita pictures vombat free job posting for a local fast-food restaurant for a night manager.
I interivewed for the position, and got hired. nude preteen lolitop galleries
I started work Thursday day
afternoon. I dressed for the job top best lolita sites and walked to work. It was only a mile.
The restaurant was fast moving, my manager tried to train me, but no go, I
just helped out where needed. change of naked teen girls lolita shift came and the day crew, went
home, and the night crew came in. The change in staff was apparant,
younger staff came in, and night owls.During my cashier training, I got a lot of palms, palming my ass, from
Jamaican looking cooks on the grill. As the night grew later and later, I
was switched over to the drive thru. It seems like everytime the cooks, (I
later found out they were brothers), dropped a bag of burgers or fries, I
either got a nice ass grab or rubdown. And oh did I miss that feeling. when
the burger joint finally closed, they turned the light off on the back
part, locked all the doors, and we started to clean up. My manager changed
his clothes and then I changed my clothes in the bathroom to a pair of
white shorts, and my grey boxers. Duh! My Jamaican boys kept their same
work clothes on. My boss showed me where to mop and put the money away,
and I carried out the instructions.The only thing my Jamacian counter parts, could not keep their hands off my
ass. While I enjoyed the attention. I did not know till later that my
white shorts had all kinds of hand prints on them, ketchup stains, mustard
and anything you could imagine. My boss told me about that, when he saw me,"you know you have been marked." he said laughing, as one of the Jamaican
brothas passed by and staring at my ass."huh?" I said."Marco or Brandon marked you." he laughed again. "They must like your
butt. They marked it pretty good. Are you saying you did not feel them
touching you?" he asked."I been feeling them grabbing, rubbing and touching all night-" I
explained."Well, you been marked. It is only a matter of time, before you get
butt-fucked. I hope you are gay." he laughed. "It may happen all too
soon.""Ummm" I said, as I turned and walked to the cashier part to pull the
drawers. I passed, whom I thought was Marco, and he delivered a hard slap,
right on my butt cheeks. It felt like he slapped my bare ass with a
ping-pong paddle. "Ouch." I turned to face my agressor. "What the hell
stop that?"He continued walking and did not turn back. Unaware, his brother came
behind me, pulled the elastic of my shorts back, and stuck his left hand,
which was covered in some cooking grease and proceeded to rub his greasy
ass hands all over my bubble butt."You sure have a nice bubble ass butt." he whispered to me, as I leaned
over the register. "My brother Brandon is top best lolita sites
agressive, you did not like that
smack. That was a ho smack. Don't worry, you will be a good ho, won't
you.-" he continued rubbing my ass and darting a finger to my butthole,
which was slowly getting greased. "I think you will be. you are enjoying
this greasy rub down." with that last statement, he found my butthole and
pushed his index finger deep into my black abyss. i let out a cry of
excitement.. I enjoyed that."Pull down your shorts, and boxers, you need a good dick sticking, don't
you." He sped up his tempo and was giving my butt, a good finger fuck. As
I turned my head, the whole place was dark. Brandon his brother was
standing to my right naked as a baby, and stroking his long ass dick. "you
want my brutha's dick don't ya" He again speeded up his tempo.I slipped out a "Yeah, give me so dick.." I could not stand this no more,
it was fucking enjoyable, just being violated like that.He moved me over and laid me over the counter. He yanked my boxers down,
and held my light-skinned butt cheeks open while his brother pushed pass my
anal ring and dove deep but slowly into my waiting ass. His brother
continued to hold my ass cheeks open, until Brandon moved back and forth,
until I got comforatable with the penetration. These boys were great. I
loved the team effortBrandon's length was deep and full. Once Brandon saw that I was comfortable
with the deep strokes Marco let go and Brandon pulled back, to get my ass,
off of the counter. When he finally got me off the counter, he began his
ass aresenal. I could not believe this, in a pitch dark burger joint,
getting banged good and hard by a brother duo at the cashier's counter.Brandon, even though being the agressive one, banged my ass good, and
long. His deep lengthening strokes were smooth and consistent. I was in
ectasy. This brother could fuck. I felt a cum deep in my ass, and without
any assistance I came on the floor. My boss, whom I saw out the corner of
my eye, laughed and everyone looked, and Brandon stopped to see, I was
cumming on the floor."He like that shit Brandon, stick him good." I finally realized this was
the plot, and I was the gusiness pig. Brandon pulled me back from the
counter, and pulled halfway out my ass, and told me to stand up. I did, and
Brandon, who proved wrong all before, fucked me like his bitch on my two
feet. Long deep hard strokes in, rubbing of his crotch into my butt cheeks
and then a long withdrawl for a quick stab or a long stoke in. This man
was a master at butt fucking. I loved him."Yes, oooh, yess. Fuck me." I could not believe it, I was begging him to
fuck me. Otherwise releasing consent for me to be his ho. But the buttfuck
was the best. Why would not I decide not to be his ho. Fuck, to get a good
30 minute fuck in the counter area of a burger joint in the wee hours of
the morning, with two spectators, was not worth being a ho, what the fuck
was?Brandon could not stand my tight ass for long. He pounded my ass standing
for two minutes, straight and then stuck it in fast and held it there,
while he dumped a ton of cum, in me. "yeah, you my bitch, fuck that ass,
is good. Damn. Damn. I have not bust a nut, in two weeks. Damn, your ass
is hot." He was still spewing his 2-week old naked teen girls lolita nut deep into my ass. "Yeah,
take this load." I could not believe, he was still unloading.Finally, he began to pump his dick in and out. "yeah, yeah take that nut,
you biutch ass ho." I was overcome and exhausted from loli nude naturist tgp his deep ass fuck. He
pulled out of my ass, with a big ass plop. Damn his dick felt good in my
ass, I was sorry to have it leave. It was so long, so good, and not so
thick but damn, I felt my stomach shift. His dick was good, and I could
not believe he was thinking what I wanted. "turn around and get down on
your knees and suck the rest of my nut, I know you want his cum, bitch.
Suck it up, lick my balls. you know you want to."He did not have to ask me twice. i was down on my knees, sucking his
dickhead in my mouth. Brandon pushed down on his dick and I sucked
harder. "Aaah, yeah, your tongue is hot. Eat that nut. Taste good, don't
it?" I, of course could not say anything, cuz I had a mouthful of
dick. "Yeah, aah, eat that nut." Marco and my boss starting laughing again.
"What's up?"My boss said, "His ass is dripping all your fucking nut on the floor. he
was wide the hell open." I tried to look back, but Brandon pulled his dick
out, and I held my tongue while he slapped his dick on my tongue."Oooh, yeah. that was good, right?" he asked my reply."Ummm, yeah that was on the top 100 naked lolita money. Damn that was good." I said, licking at
his black hairy balls."i knew he was a ho, look at that ass, and all those feels we got. He knew
he wanted some dick." Marco said."Yup, we got our new help, now." my boss said."Yeah, and I bet you, before I leave me and my brother can get a double
fuck on your ass, right. you would like that wouldn't you?" As I stood up
and Brandon patted my greasy but cum drippin ass, down while I pulled the
cash drawer getting ready to count it."Yeah, that was good, both of yaw, damn, do you think I can handle it?" I
said, with my back to them.All of the sudden I felt one, then two, then three warm streams bouncing
off my ass, running down my legs, and in the crack my ass. I finally
realized there were pissing on my ass."You now have been formally marked." When I turned around all three men,
were butt naked and holding there stiff dicks. No dick was smaller than 8
inches. damn, I could not have loli nude naturist tgp asked for a better scene, or choice of
dicks. "Now for the initation."One by one, each brother including the boss, stepped up behind, thrusted
their long dan deep in my ass, and spilled the last of their piss in my
anal cavity. Even though my boss, went first, he spilled a lot, and since
my ass was just open by Brandon, he could not hold any more cum, even piss.
As soon as my boss pulled out, globs of cum and piss were falling out of my
hole. Marco did not care as he pushed into my ass, and emptied his
bladder. His piss came with some much force, my ass was dripping before he
pulled out. Brandon was last, and peed in my ass for a good minute. he
had not gone to the head since noon, and it was now 1am, so you know, I got
a butt full.Needless to say, my legs were wet from the cum and piss spillage and the
floor had a nice mixture of cum and piss that emptied out my ass. Brandon
had since pulled out, and said,"Well bend down and blow my brother. Let that ass drip some more, in about
5-10 more minutes your boss, will replace him, and Marco, can tear that
bubble butt ass up of yours, with a good deep ass fuck. Okay?" he smacked
my ass, hard, like the last time."Ouch!" I yellped. Funny thing was-more piss and cum dripped out,
too. "Yeah, damn that hurt.""Don't worry about the slap. You will get a fucking bare ass spanking from
me everyday, okay?""uh?" I mentioned,"that is okay. you do not have to worry about that now. Before we leave, we
are all going to fuck your ass, and make three cum deposits in your fucking
mouth. We may even treat you to a drink of some warm piss, if you are
good.."End of chapter one....stay tuned for chapter two
Black Azz Slutty Ho
bruthaalhotmail.compls email your slutty ho: with remarks, comments or let's setup some email
exchange.I am about this thought -"A man's dick is what I service, anywhere,
anytime. As long as he is satisfied, then I am too. Give him a good blow
job, he will give me a deep hard fuck, and some sweet cum to taste, by one,
two or three (dicks) is okay with me."
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